DJ Schedule


"The Secret Weapon" 9am-9pm

DJ Mac: "Regression" 9pm-11pm

DJ Ragman: "SpaceBoy Mondays" 11pm-1am

"The Secret Weapon" 16 Hour Marathon 1am-5pm


"The Secret Weapon" All day till 5pm

"DJ Luna Loves You Til Tuesday" 5pm-7pm

DJ Mac: "Dischord" 8pm-11pm

DJ Ragman "Lair of Rag" 11pm-9am

DJ Mike Lidskin "Twirling His Wood" 11pm-2am
1st and 3rd of each month

"The Secret Weapon" 9am-6pm

DJ Gidget: "Gidget A GoGo" 6pm-8pm

DJ Glenn: "Say Yo with DJ Glenn" 8pm-10pm

DJ Ragman: "Roller Skates and Tutus" 10pm-12midnight

"The GuardianDemon (is naked and after your soul) Show"

"The Vortex with The Doctor" 3am-9am


"The Secret Weapon" 9am-7pm

"No Filter" with Kim Olin: 7pm-9pm

The Ragman: "Block Of Cock" 9pm-12midnight

"Secret Weapon" 12Midnight-5pm


"The Secret Weapon" All day till 5pm

DJ Glenn: "From the Mailroom" 5pm-8pm

DJ Sean Velour: "Hell Bent On Pleather" 8pm-10pm

DJ Adam Waltmire: "Pop Garden Radio" 10pm-1am

"Secret Weapon Slumber Party" 1am-6pm


"Secret Weapon Slumber Party" All day till 6pm

DJ Luna:  6pm-8pm

DJ Mac: "The Cutting Room" 8pm-1am


DJ Mac: "Black Out" 1am-10am

DJ JT: 10- 12am

All the pods... 12noon-7pm

"Armageddon Hungry with DJ Guardian Demon"

The Doctor "Regenerations" 12midnight-9am

All listed times are in Eastern Standard Time
We are on the air 24/7/365, commercial-free.
The station BOT will run when DJs aren't doing live shows on the air.

For band submissions please check out our DJ's and email the one you see fit at their Facebook pages or visit them in chat and let them know that you fit their format!

DJ Bios:

DJ Luna:
DJ Luna comes from The Land of Unicorns. She stays in human form most of the time. The main reason Luna became a DJ was to lure more minions with music. The songs are her spells and they work quite well.

"The Secret Weapon”:

Despite being clean and sober since March 27, 1990, I remain a “Full time cynic, with hopes of someday becoming a skeptic.” After surviving decades of abuse, and certainly taking many shortcuts on a path to self destruction, I have survived and carry with me, ‘lifetimes’ of stories. (some of which, I can even remember) My ‘sense of humor’ (or lack thereof) is, as I describe it ‘A Form of Self Amuse’.

After working for 36 years in Digital Media, I have put myself behind the lens of a camera over the past year. Most of my Photography is not ‘traditional’ or or ‘conventional’, in the sense of the words, as I often seek out ‘The Beauty in Decay’ in a lot of my work.

I am also the “Secret Weapon” on Woody Radio, a radio show of “Boris” favorites. Present, past, obscurities, oddities and a few guilty pleasures. Faithfully maintained by DJ Gidget of Woody Radio. The “Secret Weapon” is heard a number of times per week and has been received very well by listeners in 129 and more countries.In 2014 I Became one of owners of Woody Radio.

DJ Glenn:

Born in the swamps of New Jersey, my musical interests began at a very young age, as I was always listening to the radio and discovering new music back in the heyday of new wave, the 80′s, and when MTV actually played music videos.  My musical experiences expanded as I got older and starting taking drum lessons, the result of banging on my mother’s pots and pans for many years.  My disc jockeying career began in college at WJTB 550 AM, Newark, the college radio station at NJIT.  After beginning as a DJ my freshman year, I expanded over the next 4 years, first serving as the music director and then as general manager for 2 years.  I also served as business manager in my senior year.
After college, I did some djing on the side, doing some weddings, communions, and other parties.  I enjoyed it but it was always a pain in the ass having to lug all the
equipment around, let alone the 500 cd’s I would use when djing.  (This was long before the days of simply playing music from one’s laptop).  Taking requests from the crowd became an issue too, as I didn’t always have what they wanted to hear, and half the time the requests were for crappy songs.  Little by little, I stopped djing altogether, though I would still make sure that good music was playing during my annual bbq parties.
It was around this time that I decided to put my drumming skills to good use, starting a band with two of my fraternity brothers and countless singers and bassists.  Though the band never got beyond the basement and a few backyard parties, it got put on the backburner as I moved to concentrate on my career for a few years.
After getting the musical urge again, DJ Gidget Bates of Canadian Music Rocks told me about this new show she was doing for the CMR internet radio station.  I was rather intrigued about the new medium, and when CMR evolved into Woody Radio, Gidget did her best attempt to convince me to join the crew.  After taking a few months to convert my cd collection into mp3 format, I began djing on Woody Radio with “Death at One’s Elbow”, a show where I play new wave, alternative, indie, pop, punk, gothic, post modern, classic rock, hard rock, acoustic rock, and more, often with ‘theme’ shows.  The show began on April 11, 2009 and has been rocking ever since.  On March 30, 2011, I expanded into a second show, “Play for Today”, where I continue the same musical styles and free format shows.
In 2016, Woody Radio had a rebirth, and with it came new shows.  ‘Play for Today’ has evolved into “Say Yo! with DJ Glenn” and ‘Death at One’s Elbow’ has evolved into “DJ Glenn from the Mailroom.”  The shows may have a new name, but they have the same great taste and are less filling.   As always, the format remains newwavealternativeindiepoppunkgothicpostmodernclassichardacousticrock.  Be sure to tune in and turn on to the shows as you never know what you’ll get.  Peace out bitches.

DJ Mac:

I’m a music addict. My addiction started at an early age. My first two albums were“Rock and Roll Over” by Kiss and “Young Americans” by David Bowie. At home, I was surrounded by rock, punk, R&B, and country, then at college I learned about other music genres and my music collection grew quickly. While living abroad, I feverishly hunted through the racks of every music store I could find for music not available in the U.S. I began to play music for friends, played music at parties and hung around with bar bands. I have always tried to see as many concerts as possible to feed my hunger for music. As the years passed, I collected alternative music, obscure new wave and post-punk bands which sounded unique and original, and then share them with my friends.

In 2003, I was prompted one night by a friend to become a DJ at a prominent Boston nightclub, which eventually turned into a regular show every week for the next 6 years. I found that my music collection wasn’t quite diverse enough, so I begancollecting even more and discovering more new music to love. I did this for several years,while holding down a full-time job, doing my shows and playing at a few other clubs and charity shows, before finally stepping away from the turntables.

In 2010, a friend suggested I try out for a spot on WoodyRadio, so I wrote to the owner without any hope for an answer. I was warmly embraced and began with a few weekly shows playing the music I knew best. I quickly realized that being a DJ for an internet radio station is quite different from playing to a live audience on the dance floor.

Over the next few years, I began to meet other DJs, fellow music lovers, and amazing independent artists online. I now proudly host a few weekly shows spotlighting vintage post-punk, obscure new wave, darker club music and wonderful new independent artists. In late 2013, I collaborated with 15 independent alternative music artists from around the world to produce an album named “DJ Mac’s Post-Alternative Visions”(available on Bandcamp – http://postalternativevisions.bandcamp.com). In 2017, volume 4 was produced.

DJ Guardian Demon and the Doctor:

“Guardian Demon – Saving The World, One Song at a Time” The GD comes to us in a package deal and we would have it no other way. When he is done spinning hsi ultra fun magic The Doctor takes over and whisks us through a mind meld all night that is a force to be reckoned with!

Woody Radio needs the backbones that are the Guardian Demon and the Doctor.

As the Doctor appears to be an enigma we shall not disclose anymore than see fit other than to say he has the most excellent taste in names and music.

Ghy the GD comes to us loving us long time. He joined Woody Radio back when it was CMR and is the third longest running DJ.. behind Loki and Gidget herself. He is loyal and has this amazing following.

Gidget herself knows him in real life as they were cigarette girls at competing companies!

His worth at the station was recently proven by a small medical time off when the station really had a huge hole in his absence.. and the doctors too!. We just need them both.. and lots of them!

DJ Gidget:

Gidget started with the station back when it was Canadian Music Rocks (CMR). She quickly grabbed up Amanda and they took over with a vengeance. Woody never knew what hit him. They quickly put him away in the basement’s Bad Ronald room only accessible by a phone on the desk they received instructions from.

Out of the ashes of CMR rose Woody Radio where Amanda and Gidget quickly promised to make all the listeners and chatters ‘Rock Hard’. In 2013 Amanda and Gidget purchased the station from Woody and became a force to be reckoned with in the world of Internet radio. In 2014 they added "Boris" as an owner. Although Amanda is no longer an owner Gidget still tredges on. "Boris" and her run a tight ship of fools and fun...

Today Gidget runs the ‘Secret Weapon’ daily. (a show she runs with Boris) of ‘Music that deserves to be heard’. She occasionally still DJ’s a couple times a week, but mostly she likes to go into chat and say randomly strange things.

She went to college to study Rock and Roll and photography.. She wrote for a few magazines and now primarily writes stuff for her own enjoyment and takes pictures of stuff that makes her happy.. OK really mainly cemeteries and decrepit stuff..Check out her blog at http://www.gidgetbates.com

DJ  Blasphemer:
The origin of Blasphemer continues to be a mystery to this day, but we will summarize what information that we have dug up from various publications such as Psychology Today, Smithsonian Magazine, Redbook, and Cat Fancy. It is believed that Blasphemer is the love child of Glenn Danzig and Wendy O.Williams. At the tender age of eight months, Blasphemer (then known as Vincent Price Anzalone) was dropped on the steps of a Roman Catholic Church located in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Even then, Blasphemer possessed the darkness in his eyes and soul. According to Psycholo
gy Today, Blasphemer had the ability to socially engineer anyone to do his bidding including many of the nuns no matter how ridiculous or sinister his requests were. By the time Blasphemer turned seven, the nuns have had enough of his shenanigans and shipped him to a tough as nails orphanage in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

There, Blasphemer developed a taste for the dark arts and Air Supply. Two days after his 9th birthday,Blasphemer was caught desecrating gravestones in a local cemetery by painting hot air balloons on them from the Air Supply album cover. When no one from the orphanage arrived to claim little Blasphemer, the state of Wisconsin did everything in their power to give him a family that could nurture and care for him without the evil influence of Air Supply. There are no records of Blasphemer until he was 15. Under his given name of Vincent Price Anzalone, he is listed in Census Bureau Records as living in Ogunquit, Maine with a fishing family named Price. Obviously, Blasphemer couldn’t be listed as Vincent Price Price, so the Price family chose to rename him Joseph Fisher Price. As this decision wasntclearly thought out, Blasphemer got his ass whipped on a daily basis in high school. This is when Blasphemer dedicated himself to the dark deity known simply as Cher. Obviously, Cher was a high and
powerful witch who could manage to titillate a gunship full of naval
soldiers while prancing around in a half-assed leather wrestling singlet. This is where Blasphemer honed his skills in social engineering.

Where else could he learn such tactics other than Cher? When Blasphemer saw the power within Cher, he chose to completely overhaul his image of the kid with the elastic waistband bright blue pants and striped polo shirts to anything that was black. Blasphemer dyed his hair black, wore black eyeliner, and
even started to call himself Brock Black. Although Blasphemer wasn’t all that imposing, he stopped getting beat up and people took notice. At this age, he also discovered heavy metal music. It didnt sound anything like Cher, but it made him feel indestructible.
As heavy metal is sort of a gateway genre,he started light. Blasphemer thoroughly enjoyed the speed and brashness of thrash metal even though the lyrics were (and still are) completely juvenile in nature. He started purchasing shirts and cassettes with the money he earned from cleaning fish on the shores of Ogunquit. This type of work and life began to bore Blasphemer and once again, he fell of the proverbial grid. In 1999, Blasphemer turned up once again by simply opening up a checking account in Tuscaloosa,Alabama. Although not much is known of his time here, he did make a blip on the radar by being arrested for breaking and entering a hog farm. When police arrived, he was drunk off straight Sloe Gin riding around the pens at blazing
speed on one of the largest hogs ever recorded in the United States. While beingarrested, Blasphemer screamed Raisin Bran
according to police reports. Today, there is still no significance or clue as to what Blasphemer was trying to communicate with local law enforcement. The 2000s brought a calming period for the man accused, but not deemed guilty by a court of hispeers of many heinous crimes (none listed in this bio—I mean, we want you to listen to this guy’s show for Christs sake). Blasphemer started a family with a woman known only as Woman and a small tribe of feral children known as the demons.While this may sound misogynist and offensive, that is what was listed on Womans Pennsylvania driver’s license. Here in Emporium, Pennsylvania is where Blasphemer, Woman, and the demons adapted to farm life and practiced Wicca. For years, they lived under the radar and sold theircrops at the local farmers market. They lived well above their means citing many to think they were drug dealers when in fact, they sold their souls to David Hasselhoff and abused Blasphemers ability to socially engineer the local yokels into handing their money over for blessings which was nothing more
than a kick in the ass with a steel toed boot. When the Department of Justice investigated the Blasphemer farm, they disappeared under the cover of darkness. When Blasphemer emerged, it was learned by The Maury Show that Woman had left the country to become a renowned shadow puppet expert and spread the demons throughout Europe and Micronesia. This put Blasphemer in a dark place in which he has been unable to escape from. Blasphemer decided that he would attempt to use his free time to spread The Gospel of The Horns through educating niche adhering sheeple by any means necessary. Initially, Blasphemers approach was aggressive and a tad bit extreme, but he learned from his mistakes and sugar coated the message of the damned to draw the roaches into the light. Saving up every free cent from his earnings as a hand model and foot masseuse, Blasphemer bought himself a microphone and desktop computer with hopes of becoming a DJ on an internet radio station.Since swearing off his social engineering abilities years ago after something known only asthe incident,Blasphemer decided to brush the dust off from them one last time to sway two ladies of immeasurable power by the names of Loki and Gidget into giving him a chance at playing heavy metal on their radiostation. Loki and Gidget were impervious to Blasphemers onslaught of suggestion, but decided to give him a chance under the condition that he could make nice with the other DJs on Woody Radio.

Blasphemer did everything in his power to whisk away his social awkwardness and not utilize his rustyskills of influence while communicating with the likes of Mac, Jim Fucking Bell, Luna, Ragman and Mr. B. Somehow, his depravity was seen as charming and now Blasphemer can be heard on Thursday nights at 10:00 EDT playing death, black, doom, and grindcore music while still expressing his sensitive side of watching The Notebook, referencing Yanni, and adopting animals from the shelters. Despite his hate filled heart, Blasphemer is eternally grateful to Woody Radio and the DJs for allowing him to spread the gospel of music not intended for anyone as he says quite often.

She Diablo:
In the steamy state of South Carolina, She Diablo finally found her niche…creating a radio show, Brand Spankin’ New Indie”, showcasing the cream of the crop of Independent musicians.   Because she “dabbles” in radio herself by owning 2 independent internet radio stations, she’s been able to forge great relationships with many of these musicians as she helps them achieve their goal of “more ears for the music”. Or, as the intro on her FB page states: “I was born, I live for the music, I'll probably die listening to it.”

Marc Platt:

"Best of the Best is a weekly radio show curated and hosted by music historian Marc Platt, which explores the genres of Classic Pop, Rock, and today's music."



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