Show Schedule

 For music submissions please visit the DJ that most fits your music style directly.
Each DJ is responsible for their own music and we do not give them a set list of music to play
​​​​​​​ If they like your stuff they will add and play it!
Stop by chat and let them know what you are all about.
Please be aware that some genres will not fit the format.


12am - 9am
The Doctor

9am - 4pm
‘The Secret Weapon’

4pm - 7pm
DJ Ragman
’Spaceman Mondays’

7pm - 9pm
The Mad Dog
‘Metal Faction’

9pm - 11pm
DJ Mac

11pm - 12am Midnight
DJ Alex the Gothmariner
‘Back Aft’


2am Midnight - 5pm
‘The Secret Weapon Marathon’

5pm - 8pm 
JT and The Mad Dog
‘2 Stoopid Johns’

8pm - 11pm
DJ Mac

11pm - 2:30am (Wednesday)
DJ Mike
‘The Tuesday Night Show With No Name’


2:30am - 7pm
‘The Secret Weapon’

7pm - 8:30pm
DJ Alex the Gothmariner
‘Back Aft’

8:30pm -9:30pm
Rick Warhall
‘Chasing The Essential’

10pm - 12am Midnight


12am Midnight - 3am
The Guardian Demon
‘The Guardian Demon (is naked and after your soul) Show’

3am - 9am
The Doctor
‘The Vortex with The Doctor’

9am - 4pm
‘The Secret Weapon’

4pm - 9pm
DJ Ragman
‘Block of Cock Bullshit’

‘Secret Weapon in Prime time'

Midnight - 5pm (Friday)
‘The Secret Weapon Marathon’


12am Midnight - 7pm
‘The Secret Weapon Marathon’

7pm - 12am Midnight(ish)
DJ Adam Waltmire(on Hiatus)
‘Pop Garden Radio’


12am Midnight - 10am
‘The Secret Weapon’

10am - 1pm

'There Once Was A Note’
with Mike DeAngelis

1pm - 5pm
'The Big Saturday Thing’
Great Music and Interviews
with DJ Mike

5pm - 8pm
'The Secret Weapon’

8pm - 1am (Sunday)
DJ Mac
‘The Cutting Room’


1am - 10am
DJ Mac
‘Sunday Morning’

10am - 1pm
JT and The Mad Dog
‘2 Stoopid Johns’

1pm - 7pm
The ‘Pod People’
1pm - Ice Cream Man Power Pop
2pm - 'Inclusion'
4pm - Mike Rogers Show
6pm - Pulsebeat

7pm - 12am
DJ Guardian Demon
‘Armageddon Hungry with DJ Guardian Demon’

All Times Listed are Eastern Time
We are on the air 24/7/365 Commercial Free.
'The Secret Weapon' will run whenever our DJs aren't doing live shows on the air.